In the unfolding drama of the end times, the Antichrist emerges as a master of Alchemy and Game Theory, wielding the power of memetics to exert influence over humanity and secure his dominion over the nations.

Through the strategic dissemination of persuasive narratives and viral ideas, the Antichrist exploits the vulnerabilities of the human psyche, tapping into primal fears and desires to cultivate a sense of dependence and obedience. He harnesses the collective consciousness of the masses, deploying memes and symbols that resonate deeply within the cultural zeitgeist, effectively shaping public opinion and steering the course of history.

With cunning precision, the Antichrist utilizes the power of memetics to blur the lines between truth and fiction, removing the boundaries between reality and fiction exactly as the Elites in power seek to accomplish with the Metaverse. 

In this brave new world of memetic warfare, the Antichrist emerges as a formidable adversary, exploiting the vulnerabilities of elite psychology to manipulate the power that be and establish his reign of revolution and battle for the soul of mankind which unfolds in a war of ideas, where truth becomes subjective and reality becomes malleable in the hands of the influencer.


Public Opinion