Hermetic Marriage

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

The Alchemical Union and the Antichrist: A Path to Universal Balance

Alchemy, with its arcane lexicon and enigmatic processes, has always been a subject that whispers of deeper truths beneath a shroud of mystery, the gnostic nemesis enemy of the Church. Among its many concepts, the ‘conjunction’ or coniunctio speaks to a profound spiritual and philosophical union—the melding of polarities. In this mystical journey, the merging of the Sun and Moon, the masculine and the feminine, are central to the alchemical transformation that aims to achieve the elusive Philosopher’s Stone. The most potent unification of sun and moon energy of course occurs in an eclipse, as recent experience should show a change can be felt.

When we tread into the realm of eschatology, particularly the biblical narrative of the Antichrist as detailed in Daniel 11:37, there emerges an intriguing parallel. The verse alludes to a figure who will not “regard the desire of women.” Far from a superficial reading that may denote a disinterest in the female sex, an alchemical interpretation offers a deeper layer of understanding. Could it be that this passage refers to a state where the Antichrist has reached a point of internal alchemical marriage?

The Alchemical Bridal Chamber

Alchemy posits that within every individual, there exists a duality of energies—often represented by the lunar and solar, the female and the male. The ‘Great Work’ of alchemy is not one of turning base metals into gold, as is commonly misunderstood, but the transformation of the self. It is a sacred marriage within the soul, where the alchemist becomes a synthesis of these dualities, creating a state of wholeness and unity within.

The Antichrist, in this context, would be a figure who has mastered this inner alchemy. This being has harmonized the oppositional forces, transcending the need for physical union by embodying both energies in perfect equilibrium. This is the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone within, a symbol of achieved enlightenment and a testament to the profound inner work completed.

The Peace Beyond Gender

In our modern world, the clash of masculine and feminine energies has often manifested in societal and individual conflicts, some of the most distressing being the violence men inflict upon women. The alchemical journey of the Antichrist, then, could be seen as an allegorical beacon—a potential for humankind to resolve these tensions. By embodying both the nurturing, receptive qualities traditionally attributed to the feminine and the assertive, active qualities associated with the masculine, the Antichrist would symbolize a peace beyond gender, an end to the battle of the sexes and the beginning of a new harmony.

The Alchemical Antichrist: Harbinger of Balance

By achieving the alchemical marriage, the Antichrist would, in theory, put an end to the exploitation and degradation that women have endured, as the inner union reflects an outer peace. This figure’s lack of desire is not an absence but a fulfillment, a sign that the work is complete and there is nothing external left to seek. The Antichrist, as an alchemical master, becomes a symbol not of division but of unification, not of war but of peace.

This harmony, this perfect balance within, would have the power to ripple outward, effecting change on a global scale. The energies, once in discord, now dance in a state of equilibrium, demonstrating a path forward for humanity to cease the cycle of violence and embrace a holistic peace.

The Philosopher’s Stone: Not a Stone, But a State

As we ponder the symbolism within alchemy and its reflection in esoteric interpretations of prophecy, we must remember that the Philosopher’s Stone is not a literal gem but a metaphorical one. It represents the zenith of spiritual and psychological integration. In the figure of the Antichrist, we see the ultimate union of opposites, a beacon for the collective to aim towards, where the ‘evil’ is not a person but the imbalance we all strive to overcome.

In conclusion, whether one believes in the literal existence of the Antichrist or views it as a symbolic representation, the alchemical journey towards the inner unification of masculine and feminine energies presents a thought-provoking paradigm. It is a call to self-reflection, urging us to seek peace within ourselves as a prelude to manifesting peace in the world around us.